How to achieve a 25% increase in sales productivity

Are your sales team spending hours researching customers?

Free their time with business intelligence tech to achieve a 25% increase in sales productivity

As a sales leader, you know your team and the revenues they collectively and individually bring in.

But, do you understand exactly how productive they are, how they spend their days, which tasks they prioritise, and where improvements can be made?

Is your sales productivity lower than you’d like it to be?

Every sales cycle is unique, as are the activities your team are occupied with at any given time with any given customer – whether that be prospecting for new opportunities, building relationships, or attending pitches and meetings.

But the only productivity measure you have to go on is the end result – deals closed – making it very difficult to understand how productive each individual is at each stage of the sales cycle.

An effective seller must know their customer ecosystem well, but you have a dichotomy. One one hand time spent on research is only time well spent if you have the capacity to action it.

And on the other, too little time spent on research will place you at a disadvantage when it comes to building meaningful customer relationships.

Top tips to boost productivity?

Various research reports concur that sales productivity can increase by up to 25% by investing in technology to speed up the research process and leave more time for action. But too many businesses buy a new sales tool and expect it deliver increased productivity.

Think of it like a gym. Buying a gym membership doesn’t automatically make you fitter, but taking that gym membership and building strong proactive behaviours and routines around it will reap benefits. To get the most of out of technology and really boost productivity levels you need to back-up your investment with:

  • Training for all users upfront to ensure that everyone has the knowledge they need to feel comfortable with new tools and working practices
  • Help, guidance, and best practice advice on adopting new behaviours and routines to successfully meet goals
  • Collaboration between sales leaders and team members to drive and support adoption, encourage new ways of working, and prevent usage dropping off
  • Support from your vendor to ensure you achieve the best possible implementation, onboarding, and ongoing customer experience possible
  • Goals and targets that measure sales productivity over time

How Artesian can help?

Know more, more quickly

Artesian help sellers prioritise their day and understand more about their customers.

Unlike keyword-based email alerts, we deliver relevant, contextualised and timely news about your customers direct to your fingertips every morning, and alerts throughout the course of the day that allow you to always be abreast of latest news and intelligence, act on it in real-time, and always be prepared for calls and customer meetings.

As one enterprise customer puts it:

“We get offered subscriptions to websites all the time. Artesian is more targeted – having intelligence all under one roof that is just far more relevant and tailored to us. We ran a pilot and it demonstrably saved us time and increased productivity instantly”

Be prepared

Closing the loop when you are juggling with lots of individual prospects and clients becomes infinitely harder if you don’t set time aside for related tasks in your calendar.

We are all guilty, at one time or another, of putting an appointment into the diary without setting aside time to prepare for it.

But say that customer requests a call back in 4 weeks, if you forget to prepare in between you will not only create a poor impression but potentially cost your business a sale.

Our mobile Artesian Ready app puts the latest intelligence directly in your hands right up to the second you enter a meeting.

Ready automatically checks your calendar and delivers powerful data on the companies listed direct to your device, as well as latest social insight from Twitter, LinkedIn etc., breaking news, and financials.

It also allows you to collaborate with colleagues attending the same meeting and share insight on the go to ensure you are prepared, confident, and always working at optimal efficiency.

Artesian Ready mobile app is available for Artesian subscribers to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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