How to sell to the educated B2B buyer

How social professionals sell to the educated B2B buyer

The B2B sales bar has been raised. Buyers have information-rich social networks and search engines at their disposal to make unaided and educated purchase decisions.

So how do you add value to a sales conversation with someone who has already done their research, compared service providers and read up on your products? You stay one step ahead.

You become even more knowledgeable and more responsive to their rational needs and emotional fears, reaching them with regular and genuinely useful communications at every stage of the buyer cycle.

The seven habits of the social professional

Many have recognised this change and teams are transforming the way they engage with their customers in this new reality.

A new breed of professional is emerging, one that has embraced the transformation and is seizing the opportunity to engage with customers using social media.

Social empowered professionals stand out to the new connected buyer. Not because they are using social platforms, although they are, but mostly because they have adopted a set of behaviours that set them apart.

They are proactive, customer-centred, productive and smart.

These are the new habits of the social professional. Download our eBook to find out how to put these into practice.



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