How to super-charge investment in CRM

CRM technology has come a long way since its early incarnation in Lotus Notes. But many businesses still seem convinced that simply capturing, maintaining and sharing a consistent record of basic account data is all it takes to create a customer-centric business and generate opportunities.

However in today’s real-time, social, and better-informed business environment, CRM alone is not enough.

It’s a bit like calling a gym membership the answer to health and fitness. Expensive and underutilised, it often isn’t the magic bullet that drives the behaviour change needed to ultimately deliver real and lasting results.

But when you have invested so much in CRM, why would you then dip further into your pocket for customer engagement software?

The answer is as simple as it is powerful.

By augmenting your mission-critical system of records with real time news, social media and people insights, you have the opportunity to super-charge your CRM investment.

Providing your customer-facing teams with deep, relevant and actionable insights affords the ability to understand the needs of your customers better.

Never miss an opportunity to start a conversation, share an insight, or get an inside track on those must-close deals and must-keep customers.

Something which structured, static information will never achieve on its own.

Artesian’s new CRM connectors for Salesforce and Dynamics, coupled with fully managed service, built-in training programmes, and mobile apps, not only give you bigger bang for your CRM buck, they also make your marketing, sales and relationship management teams the most customer-centric.