Influence Lessons from Tea with the Taliban – Part 1 – Planning and Profiling Tools

It’s highly likely your sales negotiations aren’t a matter of life or death. However, the principles and lessons learned from some of the toughest military negotiations can be applied throughout any sales operation.

In this short webinar series, ex-military elite influencers at AIG show you how to transfer the world’s best negotiation skills and methodology into a business environment for mutually beneficial outcomes.

What is covered:

  • Increased ability to understand client requirements, mind-set and manage expectations
  • Improved networking, communication, trust and efficiency in meetings, across projects and teams
  • More reliable decision making in high stakes, fast paced environments
  • Improved confidence and ability to deal with confrontation and difficult personalities
  • Increased acquisition and retention of business

We interviewed Kyle Hughes and Emma Dutton from Applied Influence Group and created a series entitled ‘What we learnt from Tea with the Taliban‘.

Part 1. Profiling & Planning: Explores various planning and profiling tools such as DNA of Influence and Long Term Influence Plans. These tools provide you with frameworks and processes needed to form a detailed understanding of an individual and organisation, in order to have an influence over them.

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Part of the Meeting of Minds Webinar Series.