Introducing the Artesian Club 100 (and the correlation with top sales performers)

Measuring sales performance

If you work in sales then you will have heard of the 80/20 rule. The Pareto Principle that 80% of results come from 20% of sales people is a standard rule of thumb.   Measuring sales behaviours is essential for improving performance, not just monitoring activities, but monitoring the quality of those activities used to engage with customers and prospects.

Sales efficiency vs effectiveness

Traditionally, organisations have relied on the information held within CRM, the challenge with this approach is that whilst CRM tracks activities and tasks undertaken, it doesn’t track how effective they have been.

Artesian has been a game changer in sales analytics metrics. Using a behavioural algorithm we allocate a score for every user. The more they use all aspects of our service, the higher the score. Over the years we have refined this score to identify high performing individuals – the 20 percenters!

These users are most likely to be displaying the behaviours of high performing sellers.

They will be gaining insights by daily alerts, as well as undertaking research into companies, connections and markets. They will also be sharing this knowledge and expertise via regular and contextual interactions with their connections (via email, social media, shared watchlists etc).

Using our algorithm we have identified a strong correlation between a user’s Artesian score and their sales performance.

Introducing Artesian Club 100

There are a significant number of people using Artesian to the fullest extent, and maintaining a maximum score of 100 on the platform.

These are users gaining maximum benefit from the service – building deeper relationships with their customers and prospects.

These people are great advocates and role models, they understand just what a difference Artesian can make in terms of improving sales behaviours (both efficiency and effectiveness) and boosting success. A Club 100 member can expect:

  • To generate 38% more prospects and opportunities
  • 24% uplift in accelerated results
  • 40% improvement in sales productivity
  • 34% improvement in credibility and relevancy

To bring the experience of a highly engaged Artesian user to life, here’s one story from an inaugural Club 100 member:

Chris Beech, Business Development Manager Mid Markets, Commercial Banking at Lloyds

Thanks to Artesian I can now generate new meetings thanks to daily insights – sharing news articles, sending congratulatory emails around awards or financial results, growth stories that might indicate a need for our assistance. My sales behaviours have changed, engagement is focussed on adding value rather than a sales pitch and this allows me to leverage a meeting on the basis of trying to offer something a bit different that their existing bank isn’t offering, maybe around working capital or around trade portal, more added value details as opposed to products and pricing.

Artesian daily alerts get me in the right mind-set first thing in the morning. The impact it has made on my daily activities is ongoing and consistent. I am constantly searching companies, reviewing news, uncovering new points of contact (thanks to the people section), and reviewing financial data, I can then post anything relevant on LinkedIn, share with relevant colleagues and even share with prospects to deepen relationships or secure a meeting. Artesian saves me so much time, to access this information and this level of details previously I would have had to use multiple systems.

Insight into company changes or competitive insight has allowed us as a team to ensure we target each prospect in the right way, for example I can email news articles to the RD team who is shadowing certain prospects to add value to that initial contact. This has allowed us to get into some prospect companies far earlier, sometimes by as much as two years faster than prior to implementing Artesian.

To those users that simply do not use the system, use limited parts of it or understand how to utilise the tool to maximum efficiency and effectiveness, I would say do it! Artesian makes my day so much more structured, more efficient, and more effective. All round I can’t see why any other systems would be used when Artesian has literally everything in one place.

User Group Best Practice

We are proud of our user community and see huge value in articulating its value, both for our own growth and development, and for that of our users – keeping them more informed and engaged about developments happening within the Artesian platform.

We don’t want to make research and development decisions in a vacuum, after all we are ultimately accountable to our customers. Artesian Club 100 ensures we are listening to their diverse voices – how they use our system, what we are doing well, and what we can do better.

The advantages of user groups like Artesian Club 100 are that they give users a seat at the table, a voice in making decisions about how Artesian could even better meet their expectations.

And by monitoring the usage of those that implement Artesian into every aspect of their roles we gain valuable insight into every aspect of our platforms performance, in turn helping us make user-driven decisions and build even healthier customer relationships.

Importance of Advocacy

Customer advocacy drives sales, builds awareness and increases revenue. Just as we promote on our blog the importance of leveraging your most loyal customers and turning them into brand advocates, it is a philosophy we value highly in Artesian – we have a persistent focus on our users and helping them drive maximum value from the tools we provide.

Club 100 is a growing body of Artesian users that stand as pillars of our brand, sharing valuable lessons and experiences about our tools and services with their peers, both within their own organisations and within the wider Artesian community.

The result? A higher number of 20 percenters in every business using Artesian, and more importantly top sellers using the latest advances in sales technology to drive more success both personally and for their teams.

Join the Community

Don’t settle for anything less than being the best. There are a number of benefits to being an Artesian Club 100 member:

  • Demonstrating world class sales and relationship behaviours
  • Building deeper and stronger relationships
  • Developing more contextually aware engagements
  • Being more responsive to customer needs
  • Providing better solutions and outcomes

In addition to being the best Artesian Club 100 members receive:

  • Certificate of membership and recognition of success sent to senior leaders within their business
  • Quarterly Club 100 wall of fame posting on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Invites to Ivy Executive lunches
  • Invite and recognition at Artesian Annual Connections Conference
  • Access to the Super User Pathway which qualifies for CPD hours

Want to know more about Artesian Club 100 then contact your CSM.

Club 100 Wall

List of Artesian Club 100 members at Connections 18 in November.