Kick-off 2021 with an event to inspire optimism with Tim Peake

2020 sent shockwaves across the globe, with devastating economic impact. We’ve learned many lessons this year, but perhaps the truest of all is the importance of hope.

When you have hope, you’re placing your trust in the potential for something good to happen. You’re trusting that by taking the right actions you can achieve a positive outcome.

But hope is not a strategy.

Hope does not depend on certainty, it’s merely a belief that there’s potential for something good, or even great, to happen. Hope is a motivator, and motivation is the most important ingredient in our ability to innovate.

“Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do anything”

This is a quote from British Astronaut Major Tim Peake, whose mission to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2016 was a beacon of hope and innovation.

Tim will be joining Artesian as the keynote speaker at our Hope and Innovation Virtual Summit on 14th January 2021.

Reflecting on his personal experiences as the first British ESA astronaut to visit ISS, Tim will explore the importance of maintaining hope in the face of adversity, the need for adaptability, and how technology and innovation can overcome even the most complex of challenges.

He will provide his unique insight into why now, more than ever, we must place ourselves in the best possible position to respond and react to new circumstances if we are to realise our hopes for a better future.

Kick-off 2021 from a position of optimism – from the intersection of hope and innovation

Artesian didn’t want to simply survive 2020 – we hoped to emerge stronger than ever. We were motivated to take action quickly and decisively to launch new ways of helping our customers pivot to the new conditions, we doubled down efforts to keep innovating, and focus on responding to the changing demands of our users.

We are delighted to invite you to a very special online launch event to announce our new platform. A platform we believe will change the way you work with business information for the better, forever. And we’ll give you an amazing online experience while we do it…

Join Artesian, Major Tim Peake and the minds behind some of today’s most exciting innovation projects in your sector

On Thursday 14th January 2021, Artesian will be joined by Keynote speaker Major Tim Peake, as well as a host of other industry commentators to debate the lessons learned in 2020, how hope drives innovation, and why innovation likewise creates hope in times of crisis.

Plus you’ll also get the first glimpse of our new platform…

• Owen Thomas, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Premium Credit, will explain why combining know-how and intelligence delivers the ultimate in tailored customer experiences

• David Jones, Director of Underwriting at QBE, will talk about how they apply energy and determination to finding solutions to even the most complex challenges, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new even if this goes against convention

• Ian Isaac, Managing Director at Lombard, will talk about the concept of capturing every business moment in order to find new customers, nurture them and always remain relevant

• Paul Evans Regional Director at BT, will host a masterclass on how in 2020 BT Local Businesses generated £12m in new business revenue directly attributable to intelligence and insight

Join us for this live 90 minute online event from 11.30-1 pm, and you may even get the chance to ask Tim Peake a question!

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