Three kickass strategies for effective customer communication

Three kickass strategies for effective customer communication

One of the biggest challenges client facing professionals encounter is how to communicate effectively with their clients and prospects, both during the sales process and beyond.

Many of us find ourselves working with multiple clients across several different sectors and the days of it being acceptable to send out mass, generic communications are gone.

So what do you do?

My role is all about getting people excited about the service we offer and maintaining that excitement throughout their journey with Artesian.

In any given day, I can be working with clients in Insurance, Tech, Finance and more so I need to have a smart communication strategy I can apply across the board.

Here are some of the strategies that work for me:

  1. Make it about them

This is the most important advice I can give but it’s something even the most experienced professionals often fail to do. Think about the ways that people and companies communicate with you; do they always hit the spot?

Do you have choices in the way they communicate; whether it’s by fax, WhatsApp or somewhere in between?

If you know that one of your clients likes you to send an email so that you can schedule in a call, why would you call them out of the blue?

Instantly they’ll feel like you aren’t listening to them and that you’re more focused on your own agenda than theirs.

Take the time to learn when, where and how they like to be communicated with and then abide by their rules.

  1. Give to get (add value)

We all know that when a vendor communicates with us, they’re hoping to get something from us, whether it’s a referral, a cheque or just a response so they can tick our name off their list.

The difference between good and bad communications though is that the good ones add value to the recipient’s day, they provide them with a little something extra that entices them to give in return.

Here’s what I mean; you’re beavering away at your desk when an email comes in…

“Hi there customer!

I’m a person from this company that you’ve never heard of and I’d really like to speak to you. When are you free?”

You feel like you wasted the three seconds it took you to scan that email and delete it. Alternatively, had they taken the time to personalise the email “Hey Sam” and understand a bit about you “I know how much you like dogs”, you’d be much more inclined to read on.

  1. Shake it (like a Taylor Swift song)

‘We’re so tight, we even finish each other’s….’ Ugh. Boring, stale, seen and heard it before communications are the worst. Nobody benefits from these, not you and certainly not your customer.

You know there’s a glitch in the matrix because this new email is almost identical to five others you’ve already received this week; the call you’ve just taken followed the same script as the previous three and the meeting you’re about to walk into will be another hour of death by PowerPoint and you’re not sure if there will be biscuits.

And you wonder why they don’t want to stay in touch?

There are no hard and fast rules about the times you should communicate with customers and the words you should use when you do so but there is one clear rule; it should be engaging.

What was the last communication you sent? Was it well received? How can you make the next one different?

Have you considered that you might not be the best person to contact your client this time? That colleague who’s got a great way of resolving customer queries, maybe she would be best suited to calling them this time.

Or perhaps you could scrap the PowerPoint and just have an interesting conversation with them instead. Whatever you do, make sure that your recipient is pleased you chose to get in touch with them.

Communicating with clients on a regular basis isn’t easy but keeping these points in mind helps me keep my clients engaged and interested in what I have to say. For more smart ideas on how to engage with your customers why not check out ‘The Seven Habits of Social Sellers‘?

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