Let’s bust a few GDPR Myths on deadline day

The time has finally come, after 4 years of planning and two years of preparation the General Data Protection Regulation is here.

Perhaps you’re ready and full of confidence, or perhaps tomorrow feels a little like doomsday – especially if you’re one of the 80% of organisations that Forrester predicts are not yet GDPR compliance ready.

During the build-up and preparation, businesses have asked many questions about the regulations and how they will work in practice.

However, many still struggle to ascertain exactly what this legislation means for them, and continue to fall foul of some GDPR myths and common misconceptions.

Let’s tackle that right now.

Myth busting common GDPR misconceptions

Myth #1

“The GDPR prevents us from contacting prospects in the way we used to or without express permission.”

The Truth

If the GDPR stops you from conducting sales activity in the way you used to, your old methods were probably not best practice and not in your customers’ best interests.

By clearing out the dead wood from your contacts, you’ll not only demonstrate to your customers that you take their data seriously, but you’ll also improve your analytics data and gain invaluable customer insight.

When it comes to prospecting activities such as cold emails, calls, InMails and whatever other form of outreach you use, it’s even more important than ever to demonstrate that you have a genuine reason – such as a commercial trigger or business insight – for contacting someone.

Doing so will improve engagement rates, build authenticity and trust, and ensure you’re following sales best practice. But you’re already doing that, right?

Myth #2

“The GDPR is about data protection. We have a team of people ensuring we’re compliant so it’s somebody else’s problem.”

The Truth

If you use or modify personal data on a CRM, conduct sales activity, or even store contacts in your work email client, it affects you directly.

What’s more, you’re in an ideal position. Unlike many others in your organisation, you’re on the frontline talking to customers and prospects, so you know your databases inside out.

By taking ownership of the customer data you use every day, you’ll not only help your organisation stay compliant, but you’ll also be safe in the knowledge that you can justify how and why you use data.

The result?

You’ll build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your customers and, most likely, become even better at your job in the process.

Myth #3

“The GDPR will damage my relationships and ability to engage”

The Truth

GDPR is an opportunity – seize it!

With the threat of significant fines for non-compliance, you can be forgiven for thinking customers and prospects can no longer be contacted without their explicit permission.

But part of the rules for processing data are based on ‘legitimate interest’. Simply, if you can justify why it’s in your organisation’s or the contact’s interest to hold their data, you may not be in breach of regulations.

The GDPR reinforces best-practice data capture and management techniques. It’s about seeing the bigger picture and ensuring you’re communicating something that will genuinely interest your contacts. The GDPR is a golden opportunity for Sales.

Use the legislation to your advantage to:

  • Gain better understanding – Go beyond ‘yes/no’ and dig deep to discover great insight on your customers’ interests and preferences
  • Improve customer interactions – Build trust, solve problems, and engage with people on their terms at each stage of the sales funnel
  • Create preferred opportunities – Follow the steps above to engage more customers, create better quality sales pipeline, and win more valuable opportunities
  • Understand your limitations – Learn how to compliment standalone solutions like CRM and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


Finally, GDPR doesn’t spell the end of sales and you’re not alone on the complaint data processing battlefield.

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