Managed Service Packages: Introducing Artesian Credits

The Artesian Managed Service is an integral part of your Artesian licence.

Every user has access to our Support Services team, who can carry out a range of services on their behalf, including loading up to 50 companies, improving the relevance of the news they are receiving, implementing of the Ready Mobile app and giving advice on how to make the most of their Artesian instance.

And for those that are new to the Service, want a refresher, or some advanced tips, the Artesian Academy has a comprehensive library of online courses, guides, videos, and webinar sessions, in addition to instructor led in-person training for groups of 15 or more.

There is also so much more available – Introducing Artesian Credits

The Artesian credits package provides flexibility for your entire user base to have access to even more of the Services team’s wealth of knowledge and expertise and can be redeemed against a range of activities to help support your customer engagement strategy.

Credits can also be redeemed against the following, or purchased as a one-off service:

Watchlist Healthcheck – *Most Popular Service*

Get the most out your Artesian Service by using our expertise to make sure the setup of your watchlists and the resulting news is the best it can possibly be.

  • Review the companies in the watchlist
  • Discuss the type of news and country sources you are interested in hearing about
  • Apply topic and country filters
  • Apply keywords to specific companies
  • Review news for volume and accuracy
  • Split up companies that generate high and low volumes of news allowing for tighter topic filters as appropriate

Customised Triggers

Customised Triggers allow you to highlight the articles that are aligned with your business agenda, for your entire user base. By highlighting the most important new stories in every individual’s newsfeed, you ensure your teams are focussing on what is important and engaging with the key trigger events that are likely to uncover new opportunities and build long lasting relationships.

Our team will work with you to align the right triggers to your key marketing messages making it easier to connect; we will discuss the objectives you’d like to highlight, including what they mean to you and develop Triggers based on our topics and your specific requirements.

Customised Triggers in Artesian

Bespoke Email Templates

Hold credible conversations with your customer or prospects buy sharing news articles, and personalise these by creating bespoke email templates used to share articles directly from Artesian. 

The Services team will work with you to produce bespoke templates; exploring the messaging you’d like to convey and aligning the message to your key value-proposition and custom triggers. Work with us on a regular basis, to update these and ensure your teams have bespoke emails at their fingertips, that are aligned to your current sales cycle, marketing or business agenda.

Bespoke email templates

Your Artesian Training

Take your Artesian training to the next level by working with our experienced Training Team to develop Artesian training specific to your requirements.

Whether tailoring instructor led training, or creating custom online courses with content mapped to your own frameworks and competencies, our training team will work with you to provide a bespoke programme – aligned to your agenda and organisational needs.

To encourage sales excellence, manage your own content within your personalised Learning Hub, within Artesian Academy. Set and track learning goals, manage course registrations, attendance, track progress and report on completions.

Credits can also be used to:

  • Load more than 50 companies on your behalf
  • Run prospector queries
  • Provide data extracts for specific companies
  • Brand your service
  • Set up VIP watchlists
  • Provide managers with access to their teams’ watchlists


Speak to your Customer Success Manager for more information around credits and the packages available.