Collaboration to Win: Maximise Relationships that Matter Despite Working Remotely

COVID-19 has forced the mass adoption of new ways of working

COVID-19 caught the world by surprise and many industries have had to rapidly develop new operating models just to survive. There is no playbook for how to deal with the impact on commercial effectiveness, especially when it comes to remote client engagement. This time really is different.

B2B sales and organisational leaders have had to reimagine their work – working from home, conducting meetings in the virtual world, staying close to customers, remote client engagement, and maintaining productivity and collaboration with colleagues remotely.

What, if anything, has changed when it comes to collaboration. Are firms partnering more with external suppliers to ensure it they are robust or to create new commercial propositions? Have firms become more effective when it comes to internal collaboration and breaking down traditional siloes to deliver for their clients? How have client relationships changed when you are no longer able to meet in person?

You’ve undoubtedly learned many valuable lessons from this large-scale work-from-home experiment – we’ve all certainly become very familiar with Zoom, but perhaps you’ve partnered with external suppliers to create new commercial propositions, maybe you’ve focussed on improving internal communication, changing behaviours, and breaking down traditional silos, maybe you’ve embraced new tools and enablers to collaborate across traditional boundaries?

Whatever the learnings so far, as we move forward now’s the time to solidify experiences in order to maximise the relationships that matter whether they be internal, or external – with partners and with customers.

Remote Working is here to stay

According to McKinsey, 96% of B2B sales teams have fully or partially shifted to remote working, and 79% of companies say they are very likely, or somewhat likely, to sustain these shifts in remote working practices for 12+ months post-COVID.

These facts are backed up by almost every analyst and commentator out there.

Forrester similarly reports that almost half of all companies are considering implementing permanent remote working strategies.

So what are the key considerations?

  • Clients: How can you hold meaningful conversations when you are no longer able to meet?
  • Business: How can you set your business up to collaborate to win across front, middle, and back-office teams?
  • Tech: How can technology help or hinder meaningful conversations internally and externally?

Join Artesian, Barclaycard & ClearBank to explore these three key consideration further:

On Wednesday 4th November, Artesian will be joined by Elly McMeehan, Head of Client Coverage at Barclaycard and Prerna Goel, Head of Customer Experience at ClearBank for a discussion on collaboration to win and how to maximise the relationships that matter while working remotely.

Hear their perspectives and share yours in this must-attend event for both sales leaders and organisational leaders focussed on optimising commercial effectiveness

Join us for an interactive Zoom webinar from 12:00 – 1:00 pm, including live polls and breakout rooms.

For more information and the agenda click here: Collaboration to Win – Maximise Relationships That Matter Despite Working Remotely.

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