Calling all Microsoft Dynamics users – Get more out of your leads and deepen your focus on customers with the Artesian Integration

Are you a Microsoft Dynamics User? Champion the service?

Did you know you have the option to use Artesian within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance?

Arti could have told you that!

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Enhance your insight and make the informed decisions that fuel business performance

Microsoft Dynamics

has a vision – to enable your business to continuously evolve to face economic, operational and organisational challenges by giving you the enhanced business intelligence needed to make fast, informed decisions. It’s a fantastic master database of your customers and prospects, and their interactions with your business. But take a look at the chat rooms and user groups, and it seems that despite its multitude of benefits, users complain that they suffer from context deficiency.

Link Microsoft Dynamics with Artesian, and this issue goes away. Integrating Artesian Surveillance enables you to augment your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance with the contextualised insight required for a complete 360° view of the customer/prospect ecosystem:

• Monitor and filter latest news sources, social media and corporate data based on a wide range of attributes, individual preferences, topics and relevancy for accurate targeting
• Achieve a single view of all points of contacts, with their social profiles, opinions and expectations
• Take immediate action based on news updates – respond immediately to live customer dynamics, or share via email, LinkedIn or Twitter
• Monitor market trends and customer sentiment, then analyse, rationalise and plug into open opportunities
• Create leads, extend your connections or new opportunities within Microsoft Dynamics
• Bookmark or save news in your calendar, to follow up later or schedule a meeting

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Which versions of Microsoft Dynamics are compatible?

Artesian can integrate with either cloud or on-premise instances of Microsoft Dynamics 2016 and 2015. We can also work within the Outlook extension for Dynamics.

How do we set up the integration?

You’ll work with a member of the Artesian Implementation Team to configure the integration but the process is quite simple.

Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 administrator will be sent the Artesian solution in a zip file along with installation instructions. We will collect from you your Dynamics org. ID and your user ID’s, to enable us to support the integration (our solution can assist you in identifying these).
More information on this process is available upon request.

How long does it take?

Integrating with Artesian is a simple process but you may have some internal testing that needs to be carried out prior to go-live. Our implementation team will speak with you to understand your internal processes and at that point will be able to advise further. Your existing Artesian users will retain access to their non-integrated Artesian profiles during this time.

How much does it cost?

Your Account Manager will discuss with you the size of your implementation and provide you with a price plan for the integration.

Contact us about integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM into your instance or ask our digital A.I assistant about how Artesian complements Microsoft Dynamics CRM.