Artesian Ready 3.0: Your Companies Feature

The new Artesian Ready version features a brand new “Your Companies” feature where users can check the news for followed companies on-the-go without needing to sync their calendar to Ready.

Here’s how “Your Companies” looks in the app:

Artesian Ready - Your Companies
As with the Artesian platform, Artesian Ready will display an A-Z list of all followed companies. Users can tap on any company to see further news and info.

Users with a long list of followed companies can use the “Filter by Watchlist” button to view companies from a specific watchlist.

Alternatively, users can search for companies across all watchlists using the search box. Start typing a company name, and the list of companies will be reduced making it easier to find the desired company without scrolling.

Artesian Ready - search your companies
If a user needs to research a new prospect or a company they are not currently following in Ready, then the user can simply tap “All UK Companies” to open a search box that allows them to search the 4 million companies in our database.

Users will be prompted to add the company to a watchlist for easy access next time round.

Artesian Ready - company info
Each company has detailed corporate information including office locations, financials, credit ratings, Director lists, Director profiles and personal profiles where available. Just tap the company name to view.

This feature is particularly useful for users who want to research companies outside of the office.

Artesian Ready - stories
Tap the Stories tab to see news insights for the company.

Once a company is being followed in your watchlist, the same watchlist topic filters will be applied as you see in the desktop product.

Sharing options including LinkedIn, Twitter, Email and SMS are available via the share icon share-icon.

Click See All to see the full list of company news stories, and sort options, including sort by Triggers.

We hope you find these new features helpful. If you are already an Artesian customer, then you can download the app from the app store.

Speak with your account manager for any help with implementation or visit the implementation guide.