New from Artesian – Introducing Version 12

In the latest updated version of the Artesian platform we’ve had a cheeky makeover with more attractive emails and a sleek new dashboard. We have also added some clever new features in response to what you’ve told us is important to you. Much of the version updates have taken place under the surface and are like a Daft Punk song – harder, faster, better – but here is the good stuff you’ll be able to get your hands on at once.

An Artesian Welcome

Whether you’re brand new to the platform or an Artesian pro then this new dashboard is the first thing you will see. You told us that you loved the wide range of insights Artesian provides, but sometimes found it hard to find them all so the new dashboard gives you a complete view of what is new and relevant to you – whether sector growth, latest trends, company updates or ways to grow your influence – without having to switch from tab to tab.

It’s based on the three core parts of your Social Seller Score – target, connect and share. The clear presentation ensures you don’t miss any important information and you can navigate easily to sections of interest while the influence summary lets you know where you are rocking it or where you can make positive changes.

Welcome Page - Artesian V.12 Update

You’ve got (e)mail

If you’ve checked your inbox today you’ll have noticed we’ve done some subtle restyling. As well as the latest news stories you’ll find links to the most useful and important Company information so you have easy access to the complete picture. You’ll also see that we now encourage more ‘sharing’ instead of ‘taking action’ – no biggie, just a more intuitive way for you to use your news.

Email template - Artesian V.12 Update

Additional features


Depending on your company’s policy, our convenient share buttons whether social or email template might get blocked. Frustrating. However with this new feature you can share your unique link where and when you want whilst keeping the clever tracking features that reveal your influence and reach. Success.
It’s pretty straightforward but if you want to use your story links anywhere else we’ve added a ‘Copy Link’ gesture to give you that freedom. Press the button, copy the link. Paste it into the email/social network of choice. Send it. Done.

Copy link feature - Artesian V.12 Update

Padlock Symbol

Some of the content surfaced by Artesian is protected by a paywall or subscription gateway. You don’t want to share content that others might not be able to read so the padlock is our way of letting you know it’s locked.

Padlock feature - Artesian V.12 Update

Topical – More filters than Instagram

If you use filters to focus your results for larger companies, we have added five new major topics, with more than 300 new sub-topics also available. Check out the new kids on the block – Digital Business, Employee Engagement, IT, Market Research and Sales Enablement.

Because when your interests are super specific, then we are too.

Artesian v12 Filters

And more!

There’s been many tiny tweaks and little enhancements as part of the journey to Version 12, but we thought these were worthy of a brief mention:

  • Market News – we’ve refreshed the categories in preparation for a new alerting feature which will be arriving with our next version….
  • Print and go – you can find a new easy print button on the Company Profile page (though please do think of the trees)
  • Reporting for duty – we’ve improved user management and reporting for Administrators so less time in Excel and more time excelling.

Coming Soon – Artesian.Ready! and a lovely log-in

Next on the agenda we’ve got a new and improved login experience as well as our big move into mobile with Artesian.Ready! very, very soon. Watch this space for updates.

Artesian Ready

I’d like to thank…

I’d like to say a special thank you to the army of people who have helped us, as usual, in defining and designing the features in the release. The first step in every design process to create some initial designs and then engage people from across the business to feedback and input into the design. I had invaluable help from across all departments when shaping the result. Thank you all for your time and effort, without which we could not have created what I think is a significant step forward for our product.

Hope you enjoy the latest version and looking forward to hearing your thoughts and reactions.