NEW International Data Added – Artesian Irish Edition

Artesian’s expanded coverage includes vital firmographic data (including addresses, registration numbers, trading status, auditor information, four years of company financials and director check), as well as extensive news coverage and social media filtered using Artesian’s proprietary algorithms.

It covers some 250,000 Irish organisations, and is now available to trial on request.

The new Irish country pack is available through Artesian’s Engage platform and is accessible via the desktop application, mobile devices and via CRM integrations with and Microsoft Dynamics.

“Artesian has been a fundamental part of our sales process for a number of years. The pace of change has always meant we can continue to evolve our own go to market strategy ahead of our competition which is both great for our customers as well as our wider business. The addition of Irish companies means we can leverage the platform in yet another of our key territories.John Kavanagh, Corporate Sales Leader for Marsh Ireland

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