10 Quick Ways to Nurture Your Network

Connecting with the right people and growing your social network is one thing, but if it is to truly get you closer to your customers and prospects your network must be nurtured.

You wouldn’t swap business cards without any intention of ever making contact. Social media is no different.

The reality is that at any one time only 3% of companies are intending to make an imminent purchasing decision, and a further 7% are passive buyers that may not be actively in the market but may respond to well-timed campaign.  The rest may be a slow burn, they may have plans to buy in the next 6, 12 or even 18 months or they may not yet even know what they need, opening up the chance to influence.

Whatever stage your customers and prospects are at, they need nurturing so that when the time comes you are firmly within their line of sight.

Build a social presence not just a social network

This is where all the hard work you have put in being proactive, and listening, researching and understanding your market begins to align with your network and starts to influence your customers and prospects in a way that can lead to results.

10 quick ways to nurture your network:

  1. Always like or comment on status updates, congratulate on promotions, deals and successes, reach out to help when challenges emerge
  2. Share and repost
  3. Share by email
  4. Conduct all conversations publicly unless there is a good reason not to – be visible
  5. Take part in LinkedIn Groups, Twitter Live Chats, Google Hangouts
  6. Write blog posts and comment on others blog posts
  7. Reply to questions posted by your connections to demonstrate your expertise
  8. Make use of your marketing team and the content they are putting out in tweets, posts and status updates
  9. Use and share material that originates from independent and editorial sources, add context to it and craft it to your target audience
  10. Offer free advice, insight and opinion to establish yourself as a trusted resource

Like listening, being proactive and growing your connections, nurturing your network must become routine.

A strong social media presence will add personality to the brand you have built, it will create a wealth of new opportunities to connect, engage and collaborate with your customers and prospects, and it will allow you to establish yourself as an expert, showcase your experience and build credibility.

Most importantly to the Social Seller a strong social presence allows you to influence buying decisions and inspire customer to impact change.  Consistency and relevancy are key.  Do it regularly and you won’t fall off the radar.

Nurturing your network with Artesian

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