Onboarding is broken

Business and commercial customer onboarding in banking and financial institutions is nuanced and complex.

It carries important regulatory and risk consequences for getting it wrong. It is also a frequent source of pain and frustration for clients.

Banks are often constrained. Siloed processes and teams coupled with fragmented infrastructure and complex policies make gathering vital client information and completing regulatory KYC checks a difficult and time-consuming process for everyone involved.

As a result, it takes banks an average of 32 days to onboard a new customer.

Handoffs between teams add to the time delays and detract from the client experience. Each client goes through around 8 different interactions during the onboarding process.

But it’s not just customer experience that is suffering, broken onboarding processes reduce growth in a challenging banking market while increasing costs and risk.

One study by Fenergo found that 36% of financial institutions have lost customers due to inefficient or slow customer onboarding, 81% identified poor data management as a root problem that lengthens onboarding times and negatively impacts customer experience, and 84% believe the client experience during the customer onboarding process adversely impacts the lifetime value of the client.

The process is broken.

The challenge today is for banks to transform customer onboarding and provide a good customer experience whilst also meeting compliance requirements and improving operational efficiency and effectiveness.

At a time when FinTech’s are completely transforming customer experience and disrupting traditional business models, banks cannot afford to wait to address the onboarding issue, after all a customer’s onboarding journey can create or crack the foundations needed for a successful long-term relationship.

Be part of the discussion

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