10 ways to optimise your LinkedIn profile for sales

Is your LinkedIn profile a fancy C.V. or a useful sales tool?

One of the biggest mistakes we commonly see with LinkedIn is that for many salespeople their profile reads like a C.V.  This may be great for recruiters, or helping you secure a new job, but if you are in the business of social selling then you are making a fundamental mistake.

While you are reading this, people are out there searching LinkedIn for the services, products and solutions you provide.  But let’s be honest, these people don’t care about you, and they don’t want to see all your personal achievements.  Having a fancy profile may satisfy the ego, but it is not going to help buyers warm to you and it is not going to generate leads.

If you want to social sell on LinkedIn then the first step is to take a long hard look at your profile and ask yourself:

  • Is it serving recruiters or customers?
  • Does it demonstrate the skills, experience and knowledge I possess to make a difference to customers?
  • Does it demonstrate insight into customer needs?
  • Does it demonstrate how I can solve customer problems?

If you discover that your profile is recruiter-centric rather than buyer-centric, don’t despair – here are 10 quick tips to boost the sales effectiveness of your profile:

  1. Your profile picture – keep it simple and professional! A head and shoulders shot works best.  No friends, colleagues, pets, family – Just you
  2. Your headline – it’s not just your job title! Add in a sentence that says what you are doing for your customers
  3. Your URL – customise it! Make it memorable and make yourself easier to find
  4. Your summary – focus on your purpose! Who are you in service to, and what results you can achieve for them
  5. Your experience – Keep the buyer in mind, and don’t brag! Summarise your jobs but focus on what you have achieved for your customers, not your personal successes
  6. Your searchability – Not just keyword optimised, but optimised with the words and phrases that are meaningful to your customers
  7. Your contact information – not just the obvious! Include other social media links, corporate websites, blogs etc.
  8. Your relevance – keep your profile up to date, relevant and responsive to what’s important to your buyers and prospects
  9. Your likeability – make your profile page a place people like to visit! Share insight, advice,  lessons learned, and content of interest, and always add a flavour of your personality
  10. Your advocates – ask for recommendations and endorsements from your customers, and for them to share their experience of working with you

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