Sales Pros – Personal Branding 101

Your customers no longer start their buying process by engaging with you, the seller, on a face to face basis.  Instead they are researching their options through search engines, seeking opinions from those in their social networks, and looking to online content as their guide.  Your profile is now the first point of contact.  You need to leverage your own brand and build it daily.

Start with the basics…

  • Personalise your connection requests on LinkedIn.
  • Thank your followers on Twitter for following, favouriting and retweeting.
  • Use LinkedIn recommendation requests. If you are following the principles of Social Selling and are in service to you customers, then you deserve it!
  • Personalise your LinkedIn recommendation requests.
  • Change the default profile picture as quickly as possible, but think about the image you want to present.
  • Use professional language, but be authentically you. First person conveys more energy.

…And build daily from there

As a busy sales professional it can be hard to find enough time in the day to write a regular blog, post tweets, and comment on what others are saying.  But consider this – a blog post is available all day, every day; it can be selling for you even when you are sleeping.

One of the most important things about any brand is consistency, and your personal brand is no exception. By posting content regularly and sharing it across multiple social networks, you are not only building your brand, but ensuring you are the seller most likely to be discovered by potential buyers and the one influencing their needs early in the buying process.

Personal branding is a habit you need to nurture, and Artesian can help make this easier for you. With our Social Seller Score you can track your personal brand, understand how well you target, connect and share online, and measure how your performance improves.

Take a Test Drive today.

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