Power out of the summer sales slump with social selling

Power out of the Summer Sales Slump!

David Davies is a licensed trainer for Sandler Training, the world’s largest sales and leadership training company. He has worked in technology for over 28 years with organisations ranging from start-ups to NASDAQ listed companies.

David’s mission as a Sales Coach has always been a simple one – helping people to achieve their goals is the best, and the only way, to achieve your own.

What is Artesian’s Meeting of Minds?

Meeting of the Minds is a series of free webinars where sales experts and industry thought leaders share their top management tips and examples from their experience with sales leaders to help them find ways to make their sales teams more productive and promote sales excellence.

About the webinar

In the webinar on 8th September, David Davies took us through the reasons for the Summer Sales Slump and shared his thoughts on what actions sales leaders can take to get their pipeline opportunities moving again.

Listen to David’s free webinar on “Powering out of the summer sales slump” to benefit from his expert knowledge and top management tips for sales leaders or read on for a summary of the key learning points from the webinar.

Powering out of the summer sales slump

Summer can be a tough period for salespeople. Your prospects go on vacation, your calls go unanswered for days and weeks, and your well-intentioned emails get lost in the pile-up. Even worse, there is an out of office email in your inbox that tells you that your prospect is sunning themselves on a beach somewhere, while you’re stuck in the office with a phone glued to your ear.

It can be a little soul destroying but don’t despair. Now Autumn has arrived, the world is open for business once more. As sales professionals, we are looking to achieve and  exceed our quota for the year. Likewise, our prospects are looking to get their pain points resolved before the year ends. This is the opportunity for smart sellers to adopt social selling practices.

Here are 9 key strategies that you can adopt to power out of the summer sales slump, maximise your sales opportunities and achieve the goals that you set at the start of the year.

1.      Pay attention to your book-keeping

Adopt the Sandler mentality of “Close the sale or close the file”. Take a look at your book of business and ensure that all the entries are clean, honest opportunities. Be honest with yourself. Your time is precious. Don’t spend time smoking “Hopium”. We all know hope is not a strategy; only work on those opportunities you have a high probability of winning. The rest can be ‘parked’ or ‘binned’.

2.      Set monthly goals

Very few salespeople take the time out to set themselves specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, time-bound goals. Set personal goals and set long-term goals for the period, and then simply break them down into monthly and weekly subsets. Make sure to get these goals checked and accepted by your line manager. Make sure you have regular connect time to review those goals. Most importantly, commit to your goals and hold yourself accountable to them.

3.      Work on your 30-second commercial

When was the last time you took a look at your 30-second commercial? Exactly. Make sure it tells a prospect exactly what you do and answers that all important question “Who is this person?” and “How are they relevant to my business?”

4.      Use up-front contacts

Up-front contracts are verbal agreements between you and your prospect. Use a UFC to ensure:

  • The opportunity is what you believe it is.
  • Check if anything has changed over the summer period.
  • What are the clear next steps for progressing the opportunity to a mutually acceptable conclusion?
  • Establish firm future commitments throughout the period to avoid deal slippage – a project timeline if you will.

5.      Invest in yourself

If you didn’t bring it, you won’t find it here. Take time throughout this period to ensure you are at the very top of your selling game. Use your time to read industry publications, blogs, articles, and books. Perhaps it’s a good time to invest in some sales coaching and training?

6.      Use everything at your disposal to win more business

At your fingertips, in a matter of seconds, is a myriad of powerful tools that will improve your performance. Get clean with the CRM machine. Makes sure it is up-to-date and throughout the period ensure it is doing the heavy-lifting to ensure you remain on top of all your real opportunities. Take another look at LinkedIn. Are you leveraging the value of your network for connections, referrals, opportunities?

Is your twitter feed redundant or actively connecting, engaging, informing your audience?

Follow markets and target accounts on Artesian to keep abreast of relevant news and become customer curious.

Use triggers to spot opportunities and engage in a timely, contextual way….and when you do get those meetings, use the Artesian mobile app to research profiles on the people that you are meeting.

7.      You don’t have to like prospecting. You just have to do it!

Pick up the phone. Go and find those opportunities that ‘bubble up’ post the Summer haze. Fill your diary with new relationships to nurture, grow and develop. Start building your ’book of business’ for 2017. Do not let your prospecting activity drop and find yourself struggling to re-start your engines in 2017. Prospecting should be something you do every day, not just when you are in trouble. Pressurised prospecting never got anyone anywhere.

8.      Develop Strategic Account plans

Account plans act as strategic and tactical guides to help more future revenues into the present based on a clear-cut understanding of clients’ needs and pains. Take the time to understand your clients better and work out what they really want from you and what more value you can provide to delight them.

9.      Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Now is the time to be asking those tough questions, of yourself and of your prospects. Sales is simply the search for the truth!

How can Artesian help you to power out of the summer sales slump?

Artesian is a software solution that provides contextual, relevant insight into customers and their markets in real-time, helping you get to know your customers better and giving you a competitive edge when it really matters.

Artesian helps you retain and acquire new clients, manage risk and equip your teams for success. Our most recent customer survey showed that 25% of respondents had experienced an increase in sales productivity.

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