Ready? Six ways to prepare for your next big meeting

Prepare for your next big meeting

I have a recurring nightmare that I walk into a meeting with my flies undone which means I religiously give my trousers a quick check before walking into the meeting room.

And I’m not alone, turns out nearly everyone has formed their own quirky habits to ensure we never go into a meeting unprepared, lacking confidence, or leave it humiliated.

So why then, according to latest reports, do as many as 80% of salespeople feel unprepared ahead of a meeting? In today’s connected and data-driven world, with all the information you could need at your fingertips, is there really any excuse for being unprepared?

The most common excuse is always time. There’s just never enough of it. Understanding the customer takes time. Understanding their market and how they fit into it takes time.

Understanding their needs and how to add value takes time. Collaborating with attendees, getting their buy-in, taking on-board their suggestions – it all takes time.

And what about the unexpected (no, not having your flies undone!)? What if something new happens on the day of the meeting that could change everything if a seller is not ready to respond? Being up-to-the-minute on the go is tough.

Going in cold is not a viable option.

If a salesperson enters a meeting without being prepared the result could be more than just a lost sale – it can lead to on-going reduced confidence and damaged relationships. Prepare for your next big meeting with our quick checklist of five ways to ensure you are READY:

R            Research             Do the legwork. Use social and internet resources to pull together latest company information, financials, news and insights about the company you are meeting

E             Engage                In the run up to a meeting keep engaged with your prospect. Understand their buying persona. How they like to be sold to, what their expectations are, the conversations they are having within their networks, what good service looks like to them personally

A             Aware                  Gather insight to understand their priorities, their pain points, needs and goals. Monitor constantly for anything new that is happening in their business and market right up to the minute you enter the meeting. Ensure you are not caught on the back foot

D            Demand               Look for buying triggers to understand what is driving their need for your service or product. Work out how you can add value. Even better, uncover something new they have not themselves considered, or answer a problem they are not even aware they have

Y             Your team           Keep in close collaboration with your team. Make sure you are all on the same page and that you are sharing insight, experience and knowledge to guarantee that no stone is left unturned

Are you Ready?

Of course, there is a way to make all of this as easy and pain free as possible. The sixth way to ensure you’re prepared is Artesian’s Ready mobile app – the pre-meeting ritual that makes a real difference.

Ready, a calendar linked app, puts the latest sales, market and business intelligence directly in your hands right up to the second you enter a meeting. Artesian Ready automatically checks your calendar and delivers powerful data on the companies listed direct to your device, as well as latest insight, breaking news and financials.

Ready ensures that you feel confident and prepared, and that the focus of the meeting is on customer and their exact needs at the right moment in time.

But more than this, Artesian Ready allows you to collaborate and share insight on the go with others attending the meeting, ensuring that they too never miss a thing.

Want to give it a try? Click here for more information.

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