Sales and marketing in the age of expectation – do you measure up?

Buyers don’t want to be ‘sold to’.

They don’t want to receive cut and paste sales presentations.

And they really don’t want to find themselves on the end of a scripted pitch.

We work in an age of expectation, where well-informed buyers have more choice, and higher demands than ever before. We live by customer expectation.

Buyers want sellers and marketers to listen more, uncover more, be curious, be authentic, match up to their exacting standards, empathise with their pain, provoke them into new ways of thinking, and most importantly communicate knowledge, understanding and value.

A TeleTech Global Report points to some key changes in buyer expectation. Credibility and knowledge win out as the most important interpersonal traits they want to see from sellers.

They expect you to understand them better than anyone else – perhaps even better than they know themselves – and they want that understanding to lead them to a great solution.

Customer buying decision - customer expectation

Buyers are really just looking for a good story. A story with their emotional and rational needs woven into the plot line and a narrative that starts with their challenges and ends with their problems solved.

So, ask yourself – am I telling a good story? Am I meeting these expectations?

Be curious, be courageous

Buyers want you to be curious and courageous in provoking them to think differently.

Drill down into the issues that are important to them – what keeps them up at night? What can be learned from past successes and failures? What are their short and long-term goals? What changes are happening in their business/market? What they are looking for in you?  What does great service looks like to them?

By finding this information, analysing it and responding with relevant insight you will:

  • Have the skills and acumen to engage in a collaborative discussion
  • The insight to know when to do what
  • The ability to bring up problems that haven’t been uncovered
  • The ability to propose solutions that don’t yet exist
  • The knowledge to provide unique insight
  • The ability to uncover new ways to deliver value

Be authentic

Ditch the pitch.  Buyers don’t want to hear your generic sales pitch, if something is generic it is not personal; it does not address individual needs.  Seek out insights, triggers and pain points that enhance your selling and expand your toolkit beyond tried and tested methods.

Teletech’s report reveals that 75% of buying decisions relate to how well you communicate knowledge, understanding and value.  Be considered and prepared by all means, you still need to move them along the sales funnel, but don’t be guided by a script. Use insight to inform your relationship and bring context and perspective to every interaction.

Focus on the experience

Make every interaction count. Place more emphasis on the overall buyer experience throughout the entire engagement lifecycle. Positive experiences build chemistry and buyers are willing to pay for a stellar experience.

Let Artesian help you place the customer at the heart of sales and marketing approach.

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