Sales Prospecting Post-GDPR – Maximising the Opportunities

Artesian’s on a mission to help B2B commercial teams leverage the GDPR opportunity

Business leaders are already looking at the golden opportunity GDPR presents and seeing the bigger picture in terms of delving deeper into the needs of their prospects and customers.

If you’re a B2B seller, marketeer, relationship manager or business development professional, our new guide to delivering personalised B2B customer strategies post-GDPR may be for you:

  • highlight the key ways in which GDPR will impact sales, business development and marketing functions
  • deliver guidance on what you need to do to prepare in the short-term
  • explore what the post-GDPR world looks like for business intelligence, sales prospecting, customer engagement and marketing campaigns
  • look at the limitations of CRM and LinkedIn Sales Navigator as stand-alone solutions
  • demonstrate how Artesian can assist you in embracing GDPR and maximising the opportunities it presents at each stage in the sales funnel

Download our guide and you will learn how to not just be compliant, but go beyond compliance and tackle the data challenge in ways that strengthen relationships, improve engagement and communications, and build trust.

Sales prospecting post-GDPR – Maximising the opportunities

For those looking to LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a possible solution – try are tips for using LinkedIn post-GDPR.