Selling in 140 Characters with Twitter

There are always insights that you can share. You may find it tough to set time aside for a full blog, but there is little or no excuse not to microblog.

Everyone has 140 characters to share on a daily basis, so don’t ever make the excuse that you don’t have the time. Your content, no matter how short and sweet can help buyers understand where they are in their cycle of need and move them along in. It is also a permanent record of where they can find someone who has empathy for where they are today.

  • Pass on insights derived as a result of being a good social listener.
  • Comment, mention, retweet.
  • Share your opinions on the insights that come your way.
  • Share best practice.
  • Post examples of your successes and how you have helped customers solve their problems.
  • Contribute comments to existing blogs, let others see your unique perspective, they may just share the same view.

Don’t be daunted by 140 characters

The pure fact that you only have 140 characters to get your message out could be enough to put you off entirely. Here are a few tricks to help you start selling with Twitter:

  • Speak the language – understand and use hash tags and keywords so that your customers and prospects will be able to find your insights at each stage of their buying journey
  • Call to action – use call to actions e.g.’ contact me for more’ , ‘click here for more’, visit here, ‘sign up here’, ‘visit here’ – not many characters used but a great way to drive customers to engage with you
  • Throw out the rule book – no one is interested in your perfect command of the English language. Use abbreviations and shorter synonyms where you can, drop your vowels, use numbers and symbols
  • Use a URL shortener

Social sellers understand the importance of sharing insights on a frequent basis, ensuring that they’re always visible in front of customers and prospects. The benefit of sharing insights on Twitter gives your followers value and in turn gives you more opportunities to engage with them. Take a Test Drive and learn more about how you can leverage insights from Twitter with Artesian.

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