Connections 15 – Setting the Agenda for Sales Excellence

Set the Agenda for Sales Excellence

As we gear up for Connections 15 on 2 December, we’re setting the agenda for sales excellence with keynotes to motivate, leadership panels to inspire and three distinct streams dedicated to your area of interest.

10.30am-12.30pm – Artesian Masterclasses (Pre-Conference)

Before the conference starts in the afternoon we’ll be running a number of classes for those looking to get the most out of the Artesian platform followed by a networking lunch. So if you’re new to the platform join us for Social Selling 101 or if you’ve mastered the basics and are looking to up your game, join us for the Advanced Artesian Session. Learn more about these hands-on workshops and register for one of our limited places here.

2pm – 2.30pm – The Future of Social Selling: Welcome and Ready Launch

Our Connections compere Oli Barrett introduces Artesian CEO Andrew Yates to share his vision on the future of Social Selling and launch the ground-breaking sales app, Artesian Ready. Also hear from the Artesian Product team who will share a sneak-peek into up and coming functionality of the world’s most powerful Social Selling solution.

2.30pm – 3.10pm – Keynote 1: Mind Management for Optimum Performance

Learn how to find, understand and manage your ‘inner chimp’, with highly successful sports consultant psychologist and self-styled ‘mind-mechanic’ Professor Steve Peters in this inspirational keynote speech, delving into the lifetime value of self-development. Discover the science behind the achievements of Olympic athletes, and identify how you can remove the barriers to confidence, happiness and absolute success.

3.10pm – 3.50pm – Sales Leader Panel: The New Customer Expectation: B2B Sales Leaders Respond

The modern buyer has changed the way they engage. With readily accessible information at their fingertips, they are more in control and are involving sellers later and later in the process. We bring a panel of industry leaders together to discuss how changing customer expectations have impacted the way they do business and reveal how they have responded to these new dynamics. Leaders of some of the world’s best social selling teams share their insights and learn how they transformed sales behaviour for success.

At this point the conference divides into three streams so you can choose what’s most suited to you whether you’re a leader, a super seller or looking to improve the collaboration of sales and marketing.

4.10pm – 5.10pm – Sales Leader Stream

In these strategic leadership level sessions you will hear from the senior B2B experts on how sales is evolving in a buyer-centric, digital world. Learn how to boost sales performance across businesses, hear from other leaders how they have transformed selling behaviour for success and get insights on how to best motivate your social selling teams.

Three in-depth sessions covering:

• From Good to Great – How to Boost Sales Performance across the Team
• Tracking Performance – Measuring Adoption and Results in Social Selling
• Fireside Chat – How this company changed Sales Behaviour for Success

4.10pm – 5.10pm – Super Seller Stream

Led by some of the best-sellers out there, these sessions will teach the new principles and skills of B2B sales excellence that will improve and transform your results.  Learn tips and techniques on how to better engage customers and prospects, get insights on how other super sellers stay ahead of the competition and understand how to play to your strengths to keep at peak performance.

Three in-depth sessions covering:

• Knowing your Strengths and Weaknesses for Top Performance
• The Traits of a Super Seller and How to Stand Out from the Crowd
• Top Techniques for Engaging across the Customer Lifecycle

4.10pm – 5.10pm – Sales and Marketing Collision Stream

When marketing and sales work together, 2 + 2 = 5. These sessions allow you to discover the impact of social selling across businesses, aligning marketing and sales like never before and putting the customer at the heart of everything you do. Hear sales and marketing success stories about how they’ve leveraged social selling tactics to drive remarkable success.

Three in depth sessions covering:

• The Customer – A Catalyst in the Social Selling Transformation
• Mummy and Daddy don’t argue – The New Alliance of Sales and Marketing
• Lead flow: High to Low and Where to Go

5.40pm – 6.10pm – Closing Keynote: Speak To Be Heard

With over 8 million views for his TED talks, Julian Treasure is known as the master of sound, and brings his unique blend of powerful speaking strategy to Connections 15 to aid attendees in how they can be heard better by their prospects. Expect a transformative experience of sound and visuals to help you understand how to become a conscious listener, explore practical speaking techniques to engage more effectively with customers, and close the sale.

The After Party

No Connections event would be complete without the After Party, just across the road at the London Wall Bar. Socialise with peers and pick the brains of some of the leading global authorities in the field of sales in this cosy lounge environment, complete with celebratory drinks, live music, and delicious wood fired pizzas.

Join us on 2 December for the leading B2B conference dedicated to sales excellence. Find out more and book your tickets here. Early bird prices finish on 31 October.