The 3 Must-Have Social Selling Tools

So you want to be more proactive and grow your network, but where to start? Who should you connect with? How should you engage with them and how can you convert those connections into customers?

With so many options, it can be a challenge to determine where best to put your attention and resources, as well as what type of content and engagement in order to truly connect with your customer and prospects.

Let’s start by looking at how to leverage the best results and connect better on of some of the most popular social selling tools.


Regarded as the business card of the connected age, many only use LinkedIn to connect with those that they have met physically. Whilst this a reasonable position and you should connect with those you have met (unless there is a good reason not to), think beyond your physical connections, there are many more reasons to connect than the fact you have exchanged a handshake:

  • Are they are members of your LinkedIn groups?
  • Do you also follow each other on other networks?
  • Do you have shared connections in common? If so, ask for introductions. There are many more reasons to connect than the fact that you have exchanged a handshake.


Twitter is a 24/7/365 global networking event. It is impossible to listen to everyone but by breaking through the white noise you can build a network and engage as and when it makes sense.

  • Start by following your customers and prospects
  • Use hashtag searches to identify and follow commentators, analysts and thought leaders
  • Use lists to select the conversations that are most important to you
  • Build a strong profile and let your personality shine through, let people know what you will be sharing and why it is of value
  • If you are followed, follow back.
  • Pin tweets to your profile, not just those that make commercial sense, such as an upcoming event, but also those that add a personal flavour.
  • Analyse your results, how many views have you had and how many have engaged with your content and keep building from there.

Artesian: The ultimate social selling tool

LinkedIn and Twitter are great for building a network, but the secret to all great networking is having something interesting and relevant to say. Artesian gives you exactly that.

Helping you better connect with customers and prospects, Artesian gives you commercially valuable insights, based on the companies and industries that you want to sell to, finding the right companies to target and giving you a reason to talk to them.

Many Social Sellers use Artesian with LinkedIn, which shows you the names of the people to connect with. Although not a social media platform, with Artesian you can track your customers and prospects social media activity and easily share relevant content with them.

Artesian will always give you something to say!

To find out more about building your network take a look at our guide: The first steps to becoming a Social Seller.

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