Social Selling vs Customer Curiosity

Social selling has been the buzzword everybody has been talking about over the last few years. But let’s be honest, like many buzzwords it has not been easy to define – despite the fact that pretty much every B2B sales team out there has invested in ‘social’ to market and engage with new and existing customers.

Much of the confusion comes from the fact that Social Selling isn’t necessarily a behaviour change or way of working in itself. Instead, it’s a systematic approach – using social and digital channels to learn, interact, educate and build relationships. Essentially, ‘social’ doesn’t sell. People sell, and social selling techniques such as sharing relevant content, interacting directly with potential and existing customers via social media channels, personal branding and social listening, are invaluable parts of their toolkit.

So what of the latest buzz term customer curiosity? Is this just another trend? Is it any different to other buzzwords such as social selling or social listening?

If Social selling is best described as a systematic approach, then ‘customer curiosity’ is best described as the mind-set that feeds into all sales behaviours.

Customer curiosity is about channelling one of our most innate human traits to seek better understanding of the customer ecosystem, customer perspectives, develop market fluency, and so on… Social selling, content marketing, customer centricity etc. (those buzzwords again!) are all enhanced by being curious.

In an information age, customer curiosity is perhaps the most important trait any seller, marketer or customer relationship professional can have. Curious people (and teams) seek to understand the world through the customer’s lens – what their world looks like, what is important to them, what drives them and what turns them off. Curious people tend to also be the ones that are keen to push boundaries, find new reasons to get excited, suggest new ideas and uncover new ways to solve problems.

Curiosity, when nurtured and channelled in the right way, delivers what B2B companies and customers ultimately aspire to from any sales or marketing approach.

Whether it’s social selling, traditional selling, social marketing, customer relationship management or any other approach – curiosity leads to customer-centric engagement, strong relationships, solutions that achieve goals and solve problems, and the ability to jump on new ideas and opportunities for improved outcomes and competitive advantage.

 “Out of curiosity comes everything” – Steve Jobs

Want to know how you can nurture curiosity for better results? Keep an eye out for our next blog in the series ‘Creating a Culture of Customer Curiosity’, or get in touch today to find out how Artesian is already helping customer-curious businesses channel their activities and sales behaviours for increased credibility, competitiveness, customer satisfaction… and ultimately, revenue growth.

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