5 Steps for Sustainability in Artesian

5 Steps for Sustainability in Artesian

Sustainability and ESG continue to impact all aspects of society and FSI organisations are under growing pressure to demonstrate their sustainable credentials to clients and prospects.

Artesian Solutions have released five new sustainability features that empower you to have meaningful ESG conversations with your clients and prospects.

These new features include a sustainability trigger that enables users to easily identify relevant sustainability news items whilst browsing the newsfeed. Users can also now identify “green influencers” using the new sustainability watchlists and keep pace with sustainability trends in Sector News. Company sustainability buzzwords including “biofuels” and “hydroelectricity” and sustainability topic filters in the newsfeed have also been added.

These new features will enable FSI organisations to receive highly relevant, accurate and refined ESG insights that can be used to personalise messaging, improve client engagement, or generate content ideas. With natural language processing and machine automation, this can be done at scale across an entire client book, giving users the ability to intimately understand their customer’s world, sustainability risks and opportunities, and use this to provide a better service through tailored solutions that both assist the transition and fund the future.

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