The top characteristics of highly successful salespeople [Part 1]

What are the traits that make a star salesperson stand out from the crowd?

What qualities do they possess that ensure they are always a step closer than their peers to making that next big sale?

We’ve looked at the most successful salespeople and here are the top characteristics that we’ve identified!

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Top Ten Characteristics of Highly Successful Salespeople

Great listeners

Top performing sales people don’t rush in. They listen first, talk later. They understand that by using harnessing the power of social channels, their customers and prospects will tell them everything they need to know. But they don’t sit back and wait for information to fall into their lap.

Social listeners take the time to learn about their customers and prospects, and answer some all-important questions. What’s important to them? What challenges do they face, goals they do set, what’s keeping them up at night? What can be learned from past successes and failures? What changes are happening in their business and in their market? What do they look for in a business partner, and what does great service looks like from their point of view?

Top Ten Characteristics of Highly Successful Salespeople

Problem SolversStar sellers look for signals that indicate a customer or prospect might need their help

. They don’t wait for an RFP, but use all the tools available to identify and quantify problems, perhaps even before the customer knows they have them. This allows them to gain first mover advantage by delivering solutions.

Top Ten Characteristics of Highly Successful Salespeople


The best sales people are organised and structured, but not driven solely by their diaries. They can multi-task and remain agile, but remain in control by building time into every day to undertake the tasks that count – researching their customers, growing their network, listening, sharing and building their reputation.

They utilise the tools available to them to balance their schedule, the needs of their customers and wider network, manage budgets, and keep projects and pipelines on track. After all this, they still have the capacity needed to seize new opportunities.

Top Ten Characteristics of Highly Successful Salespeople


The best sales people ask questions and delve deep. They fill in gaps in their knowledge and understanding of buyer and prospect needs, goals, and problems by researching and posing questions.

They utilise the customer themselves, but they also look to peers, suppliers, end customers, thought leaders and market commentators. They are not afraid to ask tough questions and go where others fear to tread in order to uncover unique insight.

Top Ten Characteristics of Highly Successful Salespeople


A great salesperson knows their strengths and weaknesses, and finds ways to fill the gaps. They adopt new behaviours, seek out opportunities to direct their strengths to best effect, and learn how to manage their weaknesses in order to work in the best interests of the buyer.

But more than this, they always look to establish social proof of their achievements, and take daily steps to build their personal brand.

They nurture their own development as a sales person, track their successes, analyse their mistakes, and seek to understand how well they target, connect and share online.

They measure their performance improvement and ask for feedback as well as recommendations.

Check out the second part of this post next week for your added suggestions on what makes the best salesperson!

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