Transforming legal sector client relationships through deeper client engagement

Transforming legal sector relationships through deeper client engagement

In the digital world, clients are more well-informed than ever.

75% will seek peer recommendations from social media and 50% will do their research before contacting a business.

Law firms that are customer curious and make their client engagement more meaningful are able to get ahead of their competitors and win new business.

In this post, we look at how taking a digital approach to customer engagement has helped FBC Manby Bowdler LLP realise new avenues for the delivery of tangible commercially beneficial outcomes for both its clients and its practice.

FBC Manby Bowdler LLP, a Legal 500 top tier law firm, is a full-service practice, focused on and committed to intelligently delivering stellar service to its customers.

With the aid of timely business insights, they have been able to:

  • Build deeper client relationships
  • Identify and attract new business
  • Engage in cross-firm collaboration
  • Improve the speed of information gathering
  • Boosting fee earner efficiency

According to Family Lawyer Marketing, “Only those lawyers who become masterful at understanding client expectations are in a position to exceed them“.


FBC Manby Bowdler needed a solution that would help them improve existing relationships while creating new ones as a result of a greater understanding of their clients’ businesses as well as the industry as a whole. They needed to find new ways to engage with clients while improving fee earner efficiency.


Artesian is used by the firm’s employment, family, litigation and planning teams to engage proactively with existing customers and deepen relationships, identify and attract new business and to encourage greater collaboration across the firm.

Read the Artesian guide to find out more about the platform’s capabilities in the legal space.


By investing in Artesian, FBC Manby Bowdler LLP is embracing the competitive advantages of digital, investigating new avenues for the delivery of tangible commercially beneficial outcomes for both its clients and its practice.

They have dramatically improved the speed of information gathering and boosted fee earner efficiency.

The best piece of business advice I have ever been given is ‘listen, listen, listen’. This is what we do with the help of Artesian. We listen to our clients, we build our business around their needs and we stay the course.

Neil Lloyd – Sales Director, FCB Manby Bowdler

Watch this short case study video explaining how FCB Manby Bowdler bolstered their client engagement within the legal sector.