Turning Insights into Sales Opportunities

Turning insights into positive sales behaviour is not always obvious – but when you get the hang of spotting sales triggers and turning them into insights, you will quickly reap the rewards.

Buyers use digital resources to progress over halfway through their decision-making process before they even contact a seller. What they want when they do pick up the phone is for you to listen to their situation, understand their pains and offer a tailored solution. The gap between information and action is one, only you can transverse!

This playbook will outline:

• The major triggers you should be looking for
• What they mean
• How to convert them into actionable insights

*Sellers who have embraced this change and formed new habits reported that they were 26% more competitive on average, according to our latest customer survey.

For those looking to uncover new sales opportunities through the use of sales triggers – download now

For those seeking something less meaty, take a look at how to use insight to improve customer experiences, product and business development

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