Using LinkedIn to build relationships: are you missing the point?

Using LinkedIn to build relationships: are you missing the point?

Great products and services are not enough to sway today’s B2B buyer. If you want to keep pace with customer expectations then you need to build relationships that are every bit as strong as your solutions.

But let’s set the record straight. Building a bulking great list of CRM contacts and LinkedIn connections is not enough to boost your sales performance.

Without a reason to engage or anything relevant to talk about, having a huge number of connections misses the point. It’s simply a list of cold contacts.

Social Selling

So how do I turn my cold contacts into enduring relationships?

Think beyond social media: “There is a growing recognition that social channels are only a fraction of what it takes to be successful in generating opportunities and closing deals,” says Barbara Giamanco.

Sellers need to be smarter in their approach, think beyond social media and use other channels; such as the news, blogs and company information to research relevant companies and sectors to better connect with customers and prospects.

Find and be found: Using tools to navigate your way towards potential buyers is not the same as using them to direct potential buyers towards you!

Make the most of every available channel to build better relationships with buyers, by combining them with the skills that make you a great seller – networking, referral building, communicating, presenting and listening.

Stop missing the point: Finally, stop thinking of your LinkedIn connections as the measure of your worth as a sales person.

Ask yourself this – how many of my connections do I actually have meaningful engagements with?

And then ask yourself – what can I do to build these relationships? How can I listen, engage and add value to their world?

Social Selling

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Or if you want something more meaty first – why social selling is more than just LinkedIn – what are you missing out on?