What kind of Artesian User are you?

Perhaps the question should actually be, what kind of Artesian user do you want to be? And how can you change behaviours to boost your performance?


Are you a sales leader looking for a way to improve your team’s behaviours but don’t know where to start?

Behaviours and performance are intrinsically linked

If you work in sales then you will have heard of the 80-20 rule. The Pareto Principle that 80% of results come from 20% of sales people is a standard rule of thumb. The challenge for any business is to encourage underperformers to behave like their top-performing peers.

You no doubt know the revenues that you individually, and the rest of your team collectively bring in. But, do you understand exactly how productive you are, the type of sales behaviours you currently exhibit or, perhaps most importantly, where improvements can be made?

Did you know that Artesian can help?

The 80-20 Rule

What type of Artesian use are you?

Artesian continually monitors user behaviour using a variety of measures, in doing so we have identified four typical user profiles, which one best describes you?

The Dormant User:

This is the user that has not accessed the Artesian service or received an email alert over the last 30 days.  Oh dear, the chances are that if this is you then you’re probably an 80 percenter. But don’t worry it’s never too late to make the changes that count and Artesian exists to support your success.

As a first step, why not take a look at our online training modules and tutorials, and weekly webinars to help get you off on the right foot.

It may also be worth getting in touch with your designated Artesian Customer Support Manager to discuss any more formal training that could assist you – such as joining the brand new Superuser pathway.

The Consuming User:

These users have set up watchlists, are following companies and gathering valuable insights through the daily Artesian email alert, but aren’t currently interacting with the mobile action centre or the Artesian platform. If this is you, all I can say is what a shame!

There is so much more Artesian can do for you, and so much more you can do to help yourself. But perhaps I am being a little harsh, maybe you are not aware of the full nature of the Artesian service?

Your Customer Support Manager can provide you with some refresher training and run you through the ways you can stop simply consuming and start taking action on those golden nuggets of insight.

It may also be worth speaking to your high performing peers, these “Champions”, as we call them, can impart valuable advice on how they use Artesian and the best practice behaviours you need to adopt.

The Interacting User:


If this is you then you are interacting and well on your way to becoming a star seller, using the Artesian service. Keep up the good work, you have a never ending supply of social opportunities to share insights with customers, prospects and colleagues so make sure you make this part of your daily Artesian activity.

Why not also become a champion and encourage your Dormant or Consuming peers to adopt Artesian as part of their natural working rhythm by sharing your expertise and experience, and exchanging ideas and ways of working.

The Engaging Users:

The 20 percenter.

These users are most likely to be displaying the behaviours of a high performing seller. They will be gaining insights by daily Artesian alerts, as well as undertaking research into their companies, connections and markets. They will also be sharing this knowledge and expertise via regular and contextual interactions with their connections (via email, Social Media, shared watchlists etc.).

If this is you, then it is worth remembering that Artesian is constantly evolving, so take advantage of our weekly webinars to keep yourself up to date and ahead of the curve.

Also become an internal champion and boost the collective performance of your team by assisting your colleagues to further adopt the Artesian service and sharing your ways of working.

The 80-20 Rule

If you could flip the 80-20 rule the results would be monumental

If you’re a sales leader reading this then I guess the next question is how can you find about the spread of Artesian users you have in your team and how can you assist them?

The Artesian learn tab is a good place to start. It presents you with visibility of the scores of the top and bottom performers in your team and an average of these scores shows how your team are performing as a whole. You can also view or download the scores for everyone within your team. For more information on the Social Seller score, please click here.

Likewise the Usage Reports tab provides a breakdown of how Artesian is being used within your team and at individual’s level of engagement.

If your desire is to innovate. If you want to be a disruptive force in your industry. Try inverting the 80/20 rule by figuring out the DNA of your team using Artesian. Then take advantage of the multitude of resources we provide as part of our service to help you to facilitate behaviour change and transform your entire sales team into top performers.

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