What to look for in a business intelligence solution?

If you are evaluating tools to help you understand your customers, prospects, partners and competitors, then you might find the following information useful.

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What to look for in a solution

Business Intelligence solutions will generally include the following features:

Company profiling:
• Downloadable company reports
• Company search
• Company filtering and segmentation
• Exportable prospecting lists

Business insights:
• Company watchlists
• News alerts
• Market and industry news
• Analytics

• Customer support

Some business intelligence software go the extra mile. Look out for:

1 – Tools that use Natural Language Processing (NLP), taxonomy and algorithms, to present more relevant and contextual business intelligence, rather than information based on basic keywords

2 – Ability to track an unlimited number of companies, including customers, partners, competitors and prospects

3 – Option to share news through the tool across social and digital channels

4 – Integration with CRM tools

5 – Availability on any device including Android and iOS tablets and mobiles

6 – Free services including onboarding, training, customer account management, professional services, and support

7 – Customer engagement score to measure news sharing, interaction and customer centric behaviour amongst users

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