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CRM solutions are static environments but your customer’s worlds are changing every day. By complementing your CRM solution with a dynamic stream of business intelligence, you’ll see an improvement in sales forecasting accuracy, create meaningful engagements and accelerate pipeline deals.

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How does it work?

Artesian’s AI capabilities enables users to enrich Salesforce Opportunities with the latest news, insights and up to the minute corporate, financial and risk data on deals in progress. This 360° pipeline view identifies and highlights any threats while also uncovering insights to help progress the opportunity. Sales leaders can interrogate each team member’s open pipeline and facilitate proactive conversations about key developments within individual accounts. The result is an improvement in forecast accuracy and more meaningful sales engagements.

The Opportunity Stage view which integrates directly with your Salesforce Opportunity stages, now includes a personal Insight Agent which monitors your pipeline and uses your preferences to guide you towards relevant news triggers at each stage of your pipeline. It provides a step change in productivity and customer engagement, enabling you to focus on the most important aspects of your most critical deals.

Accelerate pipeline deals

The Artesian panel within Salesforce accounts and opportunities highlights key information about the company and the most relevant insights based on your preferred areas of interest such as growth stories, mergers and acquisitions, management changes or risk. With one click you can read the full story, create a calendar appointment or convert the story to a Salesforce lead, task or opportunity. Alternatively, copy the link and share the article on email and social media.

Find out more about the company, reference financial records and explore company contacts in one consolidated view.

Create meaningful customer engagements

Dive into the full functionality of Artesian from the Artesian panel within Salesforce:

Segment, build & export prospecting lists
Build prospect lists with just a few clicks and allow Artesian’s powerful data collection to discover everything you need to know about a prospect, company or industry sector.
Download detailed company reports
Reduce research time and improve account intelligence with detailed company records on millions of companies.
Look up digital profiles
Prepare for upcoming calls or meetings with comprehensive profiles on prospects.
Create watchlists
Rapidly grow your sales by empowering your team with unparalleled insights into target customers, prospects, partners and competitors. Artesian delivers the latest sales intelligence direct to the team, providing a collaborative approach to customer engagement.
Personalise your newsfeed
Improve productivity and maximise your CRM investment by providing up to the minute insights on the accounts and territories that really matter.
Customise triggers
Track the topics that are most important in your feeds such as mergers, management changes and manage risk with colour coded triggers.
Sort open opportunities by stage
Manage open pipeline more effectively and forecast more accurately by seeing the news that directly affects each opportunity at each stage of your pipeline.

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